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Welcome to the world of fishing. I'm Sergio Diaz an angler passionate about all things fly fishing. Yet, beyond the thrill of the catch, my commitment extends to preserving the quality of our fisheries through education.
I'm a published, part time professional photographer, videographer capturing moments on the water. And while sometimes it's hard to put down the rod to pickup a camera, I often stop fishing to record the moment. Visit my photography page to see some of my images: Fishing Photography
I also love to create fishing videos and fishing films. Recording the sights and sounds of fishing adventures is a challenge I really enjoy. My videos have been featured TV networks and you can watch them on YouTube. Visit my Fishing video page for more information and see my latest video: Fishing Videography
species I target in new york

The east coast's premier saltwater gamefish is my number one target!

Long Islands magnificent fighter, I love sight fishing for large blues!

Albies, fall's gift to LI anglers! Blazing fast runs that will get you into your backing before you know.

The ultimate New York fishing trophy!

Fly Fishing Long Island and the world. Contact me for projects, collaboration, fishing report or just want to say hi!

Sergio Diaz Fishing
Sergio Diaz Fishing
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As summer arrives on Long Island, small baitfish, particularly the peanut bunker, become increasingly abundant. In this video, I'll walk you through how to tie this very effective fly.

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