One of the best fall flies on Long Island, NY

The UV resin minnow imitates the favorite meal of albies, bass and blues in the fall.


Sergio Diaz


Bay anchovies and other small rain baits are the favorite meal for false albacore, striped bass and bluefish during the fall run on Long Island, New York.

They gather by the millions in the rips and coves of Montauk and along the beaches and inlets, on their southernly migration.

These massive schools of bait trigger feeding frenzies called "blitzes" which in turn attract anglers that line the shores to fish the Blitz.

The UV resin minnow does a great job imitating the baitfish and it's my favorite fly when targeting false albacore, but it's also great for striped bass and bluefish.

Its simple to tie and very effective. If its not already in your fly box, follow this step by step video on how to tie it. You maybe surprised to see how effective it is when fish won't take anything else.