The Peanut Bunker Fly

How to tie this fly using Steve Farrar's SF Blend.


Sergio Diaz

7/5/20242 min read

Irresistible Small Bait Fly

As summer arrives on Long Island, small baitfish, particularly the peanut bunker, become increasingly abundant. These bunker, usually 2 to 3 inches long and characterized by white bodies with brown, green, and blue/purple tones, are a favorite prey of striped bass.

During this season, locating these baitfish is crucial because they attract the predatory game fish we target. The right fly pattern that mimics these colors can make all the difference between success and disappointment on the water.

Peanut bunker, are small menhaden, also known as bunker or pogies. They are found in coastal waters and back bays of Long Island (Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico). They are filter feeders, consuming phytoplankton, tiny organisms suspended in the water column, using their gill rakers as they swim with their mouths open. Numerous marine species rely on bunker as a food source, including larger fish such as striped bass, bluefish, and tuna, as well as marine mammals like dolphins and whales, and seabirds such as ospreys and gulls.

Steve Farrar’s blend (SF), combining Slinky Fiber, Slinky Blend, and Angel Hair, offers ideal materials for replicating the shape and movement of small peanut bunker.

In the next video, I'll demonstrate how to tie a fly that accurately mimics these irresistible baitfish. Tying this fly usually takes anywhere between 15 -20 minutes.

Whether your aim is to hook striped bass, bluefish, or offshore tunas, this pattern is indispensable for your fly box.

Peanut bunker profile
Peanut bunker profile
Offshore Peanut Bunker
Offshore Peanut Bunker

You can purchase fly tying materials using the following:

Steve Farrar SF Blend

Mustad Tarpon Streamer

Solarez UV Resin

Thread Bobbin


Fly Tying Vise

SF Blend

To tie this fly, you'll only need a few materials, and it's quite straightforward.

You'll need:

  • Steve Farrar's SF Blend (in white, tan, purple, green, and black)

  • Mustad Tarpon Streamer (size 2/0 hooks)

  • UV resin and a UV flashlight

  • Krystal Flash

  • Monofilament thread

These materials are all you need to create an effective imitation of small peanut bunker.

Hope this pattern catches a lot of fish for you.

Tight lines!


Peanut Bunker Fly Tying - SF Blend - How to tie saltwater flies

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