The Fall Salmon Run

Fly fishing the salmon river, Pulaski NY.

Sergio Diaz

8/14/20212 min read

The salmon river in Pulaski New York, is one of the premier salmon fishing destinations in the country for salmon, with epic fish runs starting sometime in September and through October, the salmon river loads with large spawning salmon. King salmon can reach over 30lbs, a true trophy fish. This is not only a great visual spectacle but it is also fishing heaven for anglers. 

Fly rods for this fishery are typically 9 foot, 8 to 10 weights using floating line and tippet between 8 and 12 pounds, depending on the species you are targeting. Flies used are normally egg patterns. Pulaski has several fishing shops where you can purchase flies.

Salmon river egg flies
Salmon river egg flies
Estaz egg patterns
Estaz egg patterns

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation website, Salmon River page, is full of useful information for anglers looking to fish the river and worth visiting before your trip:

The salmon river area offers several lodges, hotels and campgrounds for anglers to stay, but you need to make your reservations early on to book your first choice. Dining options in the area range from dine-in reservation only restaurants to fast food and several gas station quick stops.

Special thanks to Steve Bechard, President and Co-Founder of Rise Fishing Company, for making this trip possible. Rise Fishing is a Sag Harbor, NY company making outstanding salt and fresh water fly rods designed by experienced fishing guides and fly casting instructors.

Striped bassStriped bass
Fly fishing rodFly fishing rod

The following video is a short story of our trip to Pulaski to fly fish the salmon river during the fall migration, where we spent two days on the river. Lots of king, coho salmon, big brown trout and steelhead. For us it wasn't just a fishing trip, it was a true adventure.

Fishing Pictures from the Salmon River

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